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ANGELS IN QUARANTINE: alone together

In these times of change and temporary darkness for live theatre, pioneering Irish and British led female company FALLEN ANGEL THEATRE is holding strong and continues to look up to the light,

as we begin an exciting new chapter in our company's history. With a multimedia production in the works for 2021, (soon to be announced), Join us NOW to catch up with our Theatre Family by VIDEO

as we reflect on 2020


featuring new writings and performances by Colum McCann, Geraldine Aron, Paula Meehan, Paddy Moloney, Theo Dorgan, Aedin Moloney, Zoe Watkins, Barrie Kreinik, Laoisa Sexton, Judith Hannan, Alyth McCormack, John Keating, Ruth Kavanagh, Laura Knight Keating, Nicola Murphy, Ciaran O'Reilly, Gina Costigan, Daniel Holme, Katherin O'Sullivan, Nicola Murphy, Christine Arax,

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