Airswimming by Charlotte Jones  US Premiere — 2013

Directed by John Keating and Performed by Aedin Moloney & Rachel Pickup





Fallen Angel Theatre Company founder Aedin Moloney is currently producing and starring in “Airswimming” along with actress Rachel Pickup.


Review for Cell by Paula Meehan - Produced by Fallen Angel Theatre Company in NYC 2009

The Fab Marquee review by Karen Tortora-Lee.


"Playwright Paula Meehan spares no gritty detail of reality, and director John Keating is right there with her...

Each one of the actresses in Cell is absolutely brilliant, taking on a different role and tone that keeps this little world in balance.  Laura Knight Keating's Lila is movingly haunting ... Laoisa Sexton as Martha is a bit more feisty and playful...Sexton has perhaps the biggest challenge - going from someone able to cope to someone then thrown into complete despair.  Katherine O'Sullivan's Alice has just the right melding of sweet-old-lady-on-a-trumped-up-charge and crazy-old-bat-who-killed-her-neighbor.  She plays it just delicately enough that you're left guessing the whole time as to what you should believe about this knife-wielding, blanket knitting grandma.  But without a doubt, it is Aedin Moloney who is completely fascinating as Delo.  Her performance is gripping and her energy will have you watching her even when she's not speaking.


  "Solace in a Sea of Insanity....Impressively acted.... “Airswimming,” nicely directed by John Keating, is poignant, intelligent and at times wickedly funny." -



"Is "insanity" a tangible thing, or the category for people who fall inconveniently outside the spectrum of what is socially acceptable? The Fallen Angel Theatre Company thoughtfully examines this question in their intimate production of Charlotte Jones' Airswimming." 


"A Story About Everyone....this is the best outing yet from Fallen Angel Theatre Company"


"...shout it from the rooftops: Airswimming is a small but sparkling gem....Intimate Airswimming is heartfelt and endearing." -



"A humdinger of a vehicle for the two fine actors — Aedin Moloney and Rachel Pickup — who remain an empowering and constant presence throughout" 


"One could not imagine better"


Eva The Chaste by Barbara Hammond World Premiere 2011

Directed by John Keating and Performed by Aedín Moloney


 ".....Barbara Hammond sows it with evocative turns of phrase...directed by John Keating with an eye toward Beckett...Moloney delivers with impressive clarity and nuance, to almost hypnotic effect...Moloney’s Eva is a memorable creation"

Adam Feldman,



"Aedín Moloney gives a powerful performance as Eva...Barbara Hammond's monologue is similar in structure to James Joyce."

Patricia Contino

Flavorpill (editors pick)


"Eva the Chaste is a remarkably introspective play...Performed by Aedin Moloney in a feat of naturalism that looks bone deep"

Cahir O'Doherty

Irish Voice


"Moloney's Powerful in Eva"

Joseph Hurley

Irish Echo


Cell by Paula Meehan US Premiere— 2009

Directed by John Keating and cast includes: Ruth Kavanagh, Laura Knight Keating, Aedín Moloney, Katherine O'Sullivan & Laoisa Sexton

Talent by Victoria Wood US Premiere2004

Directed by John Keating and cast includes: Laura Knight Keating, Aedín Moloney


"The struggle of women trying to move up/out...The play is outstanding.."
"The acting is without fault.."
"Laura Knight and Aedin Moloney are spot-on wonderful..Brava Fallen Angels!"

Next Magazine
"Sparkling production, a delight"

Joe Hurley

Irish Echo





When I was a Girl I used to Scream and Shout by Sharman Macdonald  Off Broadway Premiere — 2016

Directed by John Keating and Performed by Colby Howell, Barrie Kreinik, Aedin Moloney & Zoe Watkins

"The fraught seas of Mother-daughter ties...Fallen Angel devotes itself to Irish and British plays written by and about women, and this production is a worthy exemplar of its mission...a winning blend of wry spine and wistful rue...directed with dexterity by John Keating...The anchor here is Ms. Moloney, the founder of Fallen Angel and an actress of sure-footed instincts." 

NEW YORK TIMES (Critics Pick)

"This is a well-polished looking glass held up to complicated women's lives and it is done with panache.... deserves to be seen and applauded for its honesty and verve and for letting us remember how marvelous and fearful are the many roles women inhabit."